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wherearetheynowWhere Are They Now?

Their stories made headlines across America. Now, the original series Oprah: Where Are They Now? tracks down the Oprah Show guests who made you laugh…and made you cry. Find out where they are now, plus see what happened to the biggest newsmakers of all time and how their lives changed after sudden fame and notoriety turned their worlds upside down.

Oprah: Where Are They Now? is executive produced by Harpo Studios’ Jill Van Lokeren, Julie Simpson and Veronica Votypka.






The Best of Montreal

At YUL.Buzz we are all about the reader, content comes first. We want to provide you with quality content on a variety of subjects that may interest you! Find out about anything Buzzworthy in Montreal.  Visit



Duty Free

DFB is a global aggregator of duty free products, prices and other relevant information with a focus on providing informative and useful insights in the Duty Free world that would benefit its users.  Visit



botanicalspringsBee Inspired

When Botanical Springs set out to develop smart, sustainable agriculture techniques, they searched far and wide for plants and animals that benefit each other as well as the overall environment.  Harvesting birch and maple came first, but they quickly learned how honey bees can improve the overall health of woodland areas.  Now the bees are helping the trees at the same time that they are helping to fight Colony Collapse Disorder and other diseases that have severely diminished bee populations worldwide. Learn more about their effort at




Business and stock market news on legalization and medical uses

Follow the rising stocks of companies focused on the medical uses, growing, and distribution. Creative start-up companies are finding new applications for cannabidiol (CBD) the cannabis compound that has medical properties.  Visit


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