Introducing .buzz

Inspire others to think differently, that is the mission of our customers and one that we embrace. We are the .buzz domain registry, the home of the internet platform that fuels community interest, excitement, and new experiences. If you have an inspirational message to deliver, .buzz is the perfect stage to engage your audience.

.buzz is an online communication platform for individuals, businesses, and organizations. .buzz offers you a strong alternative to the shrinking namespace of existing top-level domains, such as .com, .net, and .org. With a .buzz domain name, you can share news on your company’s products and services, broadcast your community news and information, and most importantly, build popularity and buzz for your work.

As a small company, backed by the best registry services partner, we live and support the entrepreneurial spirit. We support the creative entrepreneur as well as the established company reinventing itself, each with a vision for the future and inspiring others along the way. At the .buzz domain registry we are committed to helping our customers drive the popularity and buzz for their brand, their products and services, and their vision for the future.

“Buzz” is a common word to describe what’s new and interesting, and what is being widely talked about. Passionate communities place calls to action that are exciting, inspirational, and above all just might change the way the world thinks. They recognize the intrinsic value of the .buzz gTLD as their best domain option to deliver their must-read message.  The word ‘Buzz’ conveys the message of an active, growing movement, for all of our .buzz communities. Put your exciting and inspirational information on a domain that tells people it’s noteworthy and a must see – put it on a .buzz domain name.

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